Flying Tiger Martial Arts - GA

Blended Martial Arts

Shaping a Generation of Leaders

Youth Martial Arts

Youth Classes (8-14 Yrs)

Get out all your kid's energy, while they gain life and physical skills.

Grappling - Wrestling & Jujitsu Skills

Standup - Karate, Kickboxing, and Sport Weapons

Develop a Positive Mental Attitude, goal-setting skills, Perseverance & Grit, and self-confidence.

Teen & Young Adult Martial Arts

Practical Martial Arts Skills 

(15 Yrs - Adult)

Learn skills from several striking, weapons, and grappling arts. Learn a practical martial arts curriculum geared toward use against a bigger and stronger opponent. Get a great mind and body workout and challenge yourself.

Adult Martial Arts for Over 30 Yrs

Practical Martial Arts Skills designed for all

(Adults 30 Yrs+)

Striking, Grappling, & Weapons

An injury free and stress free environment for parents and older adults.

Learn a curriculum based towards practical martial arts for use against a bigger or stronger opponent.  Learn skills while gaining the benefits from a low impact workout.

Flying Tiger Martial Arts

Phone: 801-997-0698   


Classes held in club dojo in Sharpsburg, GA

Est. 2005